Portal Chamber: Roguelike

4.2 ( 3702 ratings )
Giochi Azione Arcade
Sviluppatore David Hackenberger
0.99 USD

Enter a chamber filled with deadly platforming challenges...if you dare!

Brain-twisting, challenging, platforming puzzler! Power-ups! Bosses! A galaxy awaits you!

Jump through portals while dodging asteroids, anti-matter, and comets, as you bravely rescue the Pink Particle Princess! Unlock power ups in Story Mode to get higher scores in Freeplay Mode!

"Unique and addictive - Its challenging enough to keep you trying and addictive enough to keep your interest. Ive never played anything quite like it before. Check it out!" ~ ML

** Story Mode **
** Freeplay Mode **
** Track Your High Score **
** Roguelike elements in addition to pre-built Challenge Rooms **
** Unlock power-ups as you progress to help you along your journey **
** The Milky Way Galaxy...and Beyond! **